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The Role Of Arts And Culture In International Relations And Diplomacy

EUNIC New York successfully held “The Role of Arts and Culture in International Relations and Diplomacy” event that took place last week hosted by the European Union Delegation to the United Nations on Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015.

The EU Delegation in New York was a fitting venue to gather and explore the unique role art and culture plays in international affairs and diplomacy. As part of the event, a distinguished panel of speakers from the EU and US engaged in a lively discussion, presenting a wide range of perspectives on the significant role of art and culture in building trust and enabling dialog between peoples and nations, followed by comments and questions from members and participants.

The event was organized and chaired by Mr. Dino Korca, President of EUNIC NY and Director of Albanian Institute New York, and featured guest speaker Mr. Michael Royce, Executive Director of New York Foundation for the Arts, Mr. Gerton van den Akker, Chief of Staff, Head of Press & Information section, EU Delegation to the United Nations, and Dr. Constance Whiteside, Senior Outreach Officer, EU Delegation to the United States.

“We are at a crucial time, as globalization gets more refined, from Paris to New York and across the world people crave new and innovative ideas, and the contributions that art and culture can bring to social wellbeing and economic growth, to education, to supporting democracy and to strengthening our communities.  Great art and culture at its best, opens our imagination, develops a critical mind and helps us to understand and accept our differences. And although the impact of art and culture may not be easily measured, the lack of it, always can” stated Mr. Korca on the opening remarks.


This unique gathering provided an opportunity to discuss, and also served as a reminder that culture is richer when it transcends national boundaries, serves as a force to help solve intractable social problems, and encourage solutions to some of the major international challenges we all face.

EUNIC is a network of EU National Institutes for Culture that promotes European values and cultural achievements inside and outside the EU through collaborations between European cultural institutions and local partners around the globe.

For more photo highlights of this unique gathering, please click HERE.