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Performing Arts

The mission of the Performing Arts program is to develop platforms, produce and present the vibrant creativity and richness of Albanian traditional and contemporary visual arts to the international audiences.

A key objective for the Institute is to support ambitious artists at critical stages in their creative lives, and help realize their vision, celebrate and showcase their creativity for the benefit of the individual and community. We achieve our goal by provide innovative artists with exhibition opportunities, creative development through educational programs, commissions, and residencies.

We consult, collaborate and create partnership with art institutions, galleries, government agencies and visual art presenters around the world to create dynamic and socially significant programs.

We are dedicated to fostering exploration, understanding, and enjoyment of the visual arts, reveal the talent of young creators ...more

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Exploring a Musical Landscape: The Video Art of Anri Sala

By Admin Posted 12/06/2013

  The videos of Albanian artist Anri Sala are meditations on the transitory, ephemeral and unsettling features of life. Music too ...