Arbnor Karaliti


Arbnor Karaliti

Nude, 2018

Arbnor Karaliti

Ellmo, 2019


Arbnor Karaliti (b. 1996, Kosovo) is a visual artist who lives and works in Prishtina, Kosovo.

As an artist, my creative practice is handled by painting, and goes through the new mediums, to discover, shape and form an artistic identity as a process of knowing myself through art. In this context, I use oil and canvas to communicate with the audience through the observation of my subjects, which are characters, from an analysis of their physical position, and the spiritual subject, as a metaphysical about the existence in space and time of their cause and effect. 

My work is influenced by personal experiences, existential problems such as isolation or various taboos.

My technical way of working is divided through stages both in painting and in the new media. In the painting I sketch with a red line, which helps me to place my subject through the characters and to divide the plans from the background. So, using a little turpentine and oil, I continue to repaint the entire space as a sort of carving until I reach the final phase of the character and the other things.

Whereas my approach in the new media, first, I choose the problem and then during the research process, decide on the medium which expresses best, as installation, video or ready-made material, which fit the exhibition space and a best result of personal experience as a process of my reactions to social relations.

He spent most of his childhood in a village between mountains near Ferizaj, called Zllatar. He followed his studies on Mathematics and Informatics at “Kuvendi Arberit” Gymnasium in Ferizaj. In 2019, Arbnor graduated from the University of Prishtina, Academy of Arts and Painting.

Artist Arbnor Karaliti. Photography by Sovran Nrecaj.

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Arbnor Karaliti

Nora smoking a cigarette, 2020

Arbnor Karaliti

Urata, 2019

Arbnor Karaliti

Jane playing with the cat, 2020

Arbnor Karaliti

Mimi, 2017

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