Brilant Milazimi

Untitled, 2019


Brilant Milazimi (b. 1994) is a contemporary artist and painter who lives and works in Kosovo. Known for a style that gives eeriness to his paintings with a slightly sinister look, Milazimi’s work fuses the abstract and the figurative with his own memory of everyday life to create “something recognizable, but also something alien”. He studied at the school of Visual Arts in Gjilan, department of Arts and Painting, and graduated from the Faculty of Arts at the University of Pristina. His recent solo exhibition includes “Woke”, LambdaLambdaLambda, Prishtina, Kosovo (2019), and selected group exhibition includes “Young artists”, National Gallery of Kosovo (2019).

“Many of Milazimi’s figures look as if they have stepped out of some distant universe onto the canvas … but in all of his works we find the haziness of memory: images that do not have enough detail to fully define them, yet are somehow known to us”, wrote Aaron Bogart for the Woke exhibition press release.

Milazimi is one of the founders of the “Hap” contemporary art community in Kosovo, consisting of 4 artists that started in 2017, and continues to contribute to the contemporary art scenes.

Artist Brilant Milazimi


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Brilant Milazimi

Touch the snow, 2018

Brilant Milazimi

Wowing, 2019
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