Lumturie Krasniqi

Lumturie Krasniqi, Untitled, 2020
Lumturie Krasniqi, Untitled, 2020
Lumturie Krasniqi
Lumturie Krasniqi, Untitled, 2017


Lumturie Krasniqi (b. 1997, Prishtina, Kosovo) attended the Faculty of Arts at the University of Prishtina, where she lives and works. A visual artist working in multimedia approaches ranging from photography, painting, and installation  she uses collective critical engagement to interrogate and reflect on themes like soul and matter, spirituality, intimacy, the psychological, philosophical, and scientific research gendered subject formation using symbols, color, and texture to achieve the energy of uniting and dividing the two realities in paintings.

Krasniqi has presented her work at House of Culture, “International Art Photography Competition -PreFoto’’, Presevo, Serbia; Gallery of the Faculty of Arts, Tirane, Albania, was part of group show at Galicia Jewish Museum, in honor of the 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, Krakow, Poland,  initiated by Ellen Frank, the artistic director of Ellen Frank Illumination Arts Foundation to work as a studio manager and artistic assistant of the Cities of Peace Auschwitz — “Turnings: Sparking Light’’ (a group painting), Cities of Peace Collection, Ellen Frank Illumination Arts Foundation.

Artist Lumturie Krasniqi. Photo by Blertë Hashani.

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