Albanian Institute

Arbëreshë Oral Storytelling

Arbëreshë Oral Storytelling with George Richard Manus

George Richard Manus, 85 years old, and his brother Ronald Manus, 87 years old (family’s original last name was Minici) are the last living relatives in the family that have memories of the Arbëreshë language and stories, songs, and old passed-down refrains or sayings from their grandparents who were born in Vaccarizzo Albanese, also known as Vakarici, in Calabria, and immigrated to America.

Noel Malcolm Lecture

Sir Noel Lecture 2021

A Special Lecture with Sir Noel Malcolm, welcoming speech by General Wesley K. Clark, (ret.), followed by a discussion lead by Professor Nicholas C. Pano, welcoming remarks by Dr. Elez Biberaj, joined by Mr. Richard S. Lukaj for an introduction and hosted by director Dino Korca.


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