Digital Studio Visit — David C. Terry and Dino Korca

Artist David C. Terry. Courtesy of the artist.

Digital Studio Visit 

Thursday, June 4th, 2020

11:00am EST (New York time) / 5:00pm CET (Berlin time).

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Instagram: @davidcterry

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Instagram: @dinokorca

Albanian Institute is delighted to present a Live Talk, a conversation between David C. Terry and Dino Korca.  Join us for a timely conversation with the artist and curator David C. Terry, joining live from Berlin, Germany, and director Dino Korca.

David C. Terry is an artist, independent curator and cultural producer. Born and raised in Washington, D.C. and a New York City resident for 23 years, Terry’s professional career covers a wide range of curatorial, artistic, administrative and academic experience. He has taught a variety of classes including objective and figurative drawing, abstract and figurative sculpture, portraiture and environmental and site-specific sculpture. Terry is a working artist, a curator with over 100 exhibitions and curatorial productions and experiences to his name nationally and internationally.

Dino Korca is director of Albanian Institute New York. They’ll discuss the artist’s approach to creating, the conversation will examine social issues, and how artists  have adapted to making art in the time of COVID-19.⁠


The Albanian Institute is deeply committed to finding new ways to connect and engage with our community and network of artists and collaborators from around the world, both on- and offline.

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