This Silence

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A short film (2018)

This Silence is a short documentary film following dancer and choreographer Gentian Doda. It tells the story of Doda, through movement on stage, through emotions, with a quiet look at New York City streets.

Dance is how I express myself. Other artists express themselves by way of painting, music, or acting. I express myself through the expression of the body. Gentian Doda

Directed by: Dino Korca 

Choreography by: Gentian Doda

Original music: Joaquin Segade

Cinematography: Jordi Rubio 

Country: USA

Year of production: 2018

Running time: 3.25m


Kalyn Berg/ Madeline Bertoy / Jared Brown / Treyden Chiaravalloti / Dylan Croy / Julian Elia / Elizabeth Faber / Barry Gans / Michael Garcia / John Hewitt / Nathaniel Hirschaut / Lanie Jackson / Javon Jones / Naya Lovell / Matilda Mackey / Taylor Massa / Lúa Mayenco Cardenal / Nicolas Noguera / Sarah Pippin / Alexander Sargent / Kayla Schutz

Stage Manager: Angie Turro / Costume Design: Fritz Masten / Lighting Design: Nicole Pearce / Assistant: Francisco Martinez / Artistic collaboraters: Susana Riazuelo, Claudia Ganquin, Sergio Correa / Photography: Bashkim Hasani

The Juilliard School / Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

Commissioned by Albanian Institute New York