Performing artist Igli Mezini on Stage.

The World of Igli Mezini

Over the years everything became much more real and so did the claims for more and more. This was my beginning.”

Igli Mezini is a professional dancer from Tirana, where he first discovered his love for the performing arts at a young age, before he even entered the first grade, “my parents wanted me to have another engagement outside of school, this would avoid me having free time and the less free time I would have, the more I left the ‘streets’. While family or friends were advising my parents on any activity I could do with my time, their search took over the arts. We watched the smiling dancer on TV, in colorful clothes and with camera lights, and that’s where it all started.”

From there he went on to study at the National Ballet School of Albania, learning to hone in on his talents, setting him up to become a notable figure in the world of dance. “For my career things are a continuation of what I started when I was little. With care, discipline and hard work I have tried to take risks and not be afraid of things that seem even bigger than me.”

Since his graduation Mezini’s hard work and discipline have led him to successfully working as a soloist dancer all around Europe, for companies like Cannes Jeune and Ballet Preljocaj in France, Hessisches Staatstheater in Germany, and Compagnie Linga and Tanz Luzerner Theater in Switzerland. Mezini has also made his way into the film world with performance at the opening ceremony of Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby (2013) at Cannes Film Festival, and being featured in the 2019 short film The Key by Celine Tricart. He is currently a member of the troupe at Lucerne Theater in Switzerland.


Performance artist Igli MEZINI. Photo by Gregory Batardon


“Dancing has become part of life. Dance and art have made everything more beautiful. More colorful and more emotional. Everything that happens in the world is a very strong reason to be inspired, to scream through your body, to say with everything we have what we feel. Dancing in addition to being physical is very powerful as a feeling.”


Alissa Xhixhabesi is an Albanian-American writer and filmmaker, studying Media and Film at The New School in New York, NY. She is currently a staff member at the Albanian Institute New York, working on artist relations and management, with focus on the Film Program and Performance. She spends her time working on her short films to perfect her craft in filmmaking and storytelling.