This opportunity is open globally. Submissions can be in any format and any stage of thought, from completed work, to a simple sketch or a fully developed concept. There is no fee to submit.

For any creators, please ensure you own all rights to use all elements included in the work submitted. Please note that we cannot accept physical submissions.

All submitters retain ownership and copyright of their work. However, by submitting your work or idea, you consent to allow Albanian Institute and any collaborating partners the opportunity to feature and promote your work as part of the program and across advertising and marketing channels.

During the review and shortlisting period, Albanian Institute will contact those being shortlisted. You must respond within five days. For verification purposes, you may be asked to provide the original files of your work. Due to the number of submissions received, it is not possible to provide commentary or feedback individually.

You can submit work in any of these categories and file formats:

  • You can submit contributions in the categories: photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, graphic art, mixed media, architecture, design, craft, video, film, performance, animation, sound art, visual poetry, written word, event & talks.
  • Pdf, word doc, ppt
  • Video in mp4, vimeo, youtube link
  • Audio (music, podcast, sound experience) in mp4, vimeo, youtube, psa, audio file
  • Images in jpeg (photographic material), png, eps or gif format
  • Please submit high resolution, layered artwork files where relevant
  • Submissions can be either pre-existing or unique work created especially for this opportunity

You are invited to respond to one of these briefs, or to all, We encourage individual submissions, as well as collaborations.

All entries will be selected by a jury selected from the institute’s global network of collaborators, which will include a diverse group of artists, curators, and other creative professionals.

Please only submit original work – submissions can be either pre-existing or work created especially for this opportunity. Any content which can be interpreted as discriminatory, abusive, or inappropriate will be discounted.


If I would like more information, who should I contact?

For questions, please contact: [email protected]