The Arts & Culture NYC Forum 2015

David Terry
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The Albanian Institute Culture Forum is a one-day convening to investigate the power and potential of the arts and culture.

Directed by Dino Korca, the forum brings together a diverse range of speakers and influential figures, artists and diplomats for open discussions and presentations. The event includes panel discussions, live performances, film-screenings – offering participants active engagement with the social, political and cultural currents of our times.

The event is presented in collaboration with our partners, embassies and government agencies, and a network of New York City’s most ambitious arts and cultural institutions.

The Culture Forum engages experts from across numerous fields, aiming to challenge old ideas, spark new ones, and catalyze potent partnerships across disciplines.

RoseLee Goldberg, art historian and director of Performa with Dino Korca, head of EUNIC and director of Albanian Institute

RoseLee Goldberg, art historian and founding director of Performa, presented on the Performa Biennial 15, themed “Looking back to the Renaissance”. The biennial is an investigative platform across disciplines, exploring not only the visual arts, but also dance, film, radio, sound, and architecture, reaffirming New York City as the performance capital of the world.

“We believe that every engagement between people sparks new possibilities, and progress happens by bringing people together from all walks of life who have the drive and the influence to make positive change. It’s about the experience of coming together, building relationships, and having those conversations, and those conversations, those relationships will ultimately make the difference.”

Dino Korca
Kati Laakso, head of cultural affairs, Consulate General of Finland

Through our valued relationships with artists, cultural leaders, government officials, diplomats, and patrons we facilitate a significant contribution to the arts and cultural dialogue. Kati LAAKSO, seen here in a conversation, is head of cultural affairs, Consulate General of Finland.

David Terry
David Christopher Terry, Artist, Independent Curator of Contemporary Art, and Program Director at New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA)

David Christopher Terry, introduced his new initiative “Sharing Perspectives” – an ongoing research project, investigating and reporting the impact of art internationally. “People across all sectors share their experiences with art so that we may have a better understanding of how the arts can have an impact on individuals, communities, and the world around us.”

Colin Huerter, international curatorial expert
Christine MOSER, leading diplomat & director of Austrian Cultural Forum

General Representative of the Government of Flanders to the USA, and Head of the Flanders House in New York Mr, De PROOST, presented on the inauguration ‘Father Damien Way’ in New York City.

Christine MOSER, leading diplomat and director, Austrian Cultural Forum, presenting on NORMALITIES exhibition with artists from Albania, Kosovo, Croatia, Austria, supported by Albanian Institute


Frank Hentschker, giving a talk on the official launch of “Cultural Mobility Funding Guide: focusing on Dance, Theatre, and Performing Arts”. The main objective of the cultural mobility is to make available the existing information on funding for international travel of artists and cultural professionals, and to gather available resources for international cultural exchange. Dr. Hentschker, who hails from Germany, is the Executive Director of Martin E. Segal Theatre Center, and currently teaches Theatre History at Columbia University.

The gathering is organized as an open forum, for short and often more informal presentations in a standing room only space, offering a meaningful and intimate experiences.

The forum equally serves as a launching pad and provides the impetus for new initiatives and collaborations among participants. Throughout the course of the event, members engage in dynamic discussions and experiences, generate and exchange ideas, and develop policies to strengthen the reciprocal relationship between the arts and society. 

Participating institutions:
  • Austrian Cultural Forum New York
  • Albanian Institute New York
  • Arte Institute in New York
  • Arts Council Malta in New York
  • British Council USA
  • Flanders House
  • French Institute Alliance Francaise
  • Dutch Culture USA
  • Goethe-Institut New York
  • Italian Cultural Institute
  • Polish Cultural Institute
  • Performa Arts
  • Institute Cervantes New York
  • Cultural Services of the French Embassy
  • Consulate General of the Netherlands New York
  • Consulate General of Estonia in New York
  • Consulate General of Finland in New York
  • Consulate General of France in New York
  • Consulate General of Portugal in New York
  • Consulate General of Spain in New York
  • Consulate General of Slovak Republic New York
  • Consulate General of Switzerland in New York
  • General Representation of the Government of Flanders to the U.S.A.
  • European Union Delegation to the United Nations
  • The Graduate Center at the City University of New York (CUNY)
  • New York Foundation for the Arts
  • The Japan Foundation

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