Arts and Culture NYC Forum 2016

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The Arts & Culture NYC Forum is an annual gathering presented by Albanian Institute in collaboration with a network of New York City’s most ambitious arts and cultural institutions, governments, embassies, and artists from across disciplines sharing their stories and ideas, and asking some of the most important and provocative questions of our day.

Directed by Dino Korca, the forum brings together a diverse range of extraordinary speakers and influential figures, artists and thought leaders for stimulating discussions and explorations, including live performances, film-screenings, and interdisciplinary presentations, offering participants active engagement and encounters with the social, political and cultural currents of our times.

The incredible art and cultural discourse, specialized sessions, interventions, performances, and conversations demonstrate the unique power arts and culture have to positively impact our relations and build trust with one-another.


Keynote Speaker: Karen Helmerson (above), Art Program Director. New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA)

The New York State Council on the Arts supports and awards grants to arts, culture, and heritage non-profits throughout the state. A number of EUNIC member organizations have been NYSCA grantees and have benefited greatly from the NYSCA support, without which some projects would not have come to realization.

We had the great pleasure of having Ms. Helmerson presenting on the work of NYSCA, collaboration and supported cultural projects over the years for the EUNIC member institutions. Ms. Helmerson expressed a great appreciation for the work of so many European arts and cultural institutions in New York.



The forum is a unique platform that serves equally as a launching pad and provides the impetus for new initiatives and collaborations among participants. Throughout the course of the event, members engage in dynamic discussions and experiences, generate and exchange ideas, and develop policies to strengthen the reciprocal relationship between the arts and society.


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The Arbëreshë people, also known as Italo-Albanian or Arbëreshët e Italisë, are the descendants of the Albanian who fled to Italy between the 14th and 18th centuries as a consequence of the Ottoman invasion of the Balkans.