Artist management and presentation


If you are an artist seeking representation, we review digital portfolios on an ongoing basis.

Artis is broadly used here to include all creative disciplines and all art forms.  You may find in our artists index some of the artists we have worked with in the past and represent their talent, others that we’re in contact and may work in the future. This index gives you also an idea about how your work will be presented.

If you have been invited by one of our teams, please send your info, questions, and any other information to: [email protected]

Any work you submit must be yours and you must have full rights to it. Please include credit and information. 

When submitting large files please provide a link to your work via an online drive share service (Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc). Please provide access to [email protected].

We review invited submissions on a regular basis. However, please be advised that unsolicited submissions generally take longer to review, and due to the high volume of requests, we are unable to respond to each one individually. Thank you.