Studio Iliria Brooklyn

This film by Alissa Xhixhabesi takes us inside the studio of Danielle Krasniqi, we learn about her background and how it all started with quilting, processes, ideas, and what inspires her creativity.

Danielle Krasniqi was interviewed by Alissa Xhixhabesi at her apartment studio in Brooklyn, New York, in August 2022.

“My middle name is “iliria” which means freedom in Albanian. My father is from Kosovo and I unfortunately did not get to grow up with him – so I’ve always had a bit of a disconnect from that side of my history.  I have over the years become more active in seeking out the culture of Albanians and I think it is fitting that I have chosen this practice that involves an alchemy of fibers and plant materials, and then meticulously hand stitching the quilts.  It’s all a slow process.  I’m so drawn to the elaborate clothing and textile work I’ve seen from Albania and Kosovo.  I’d like to think that even though I was not so connected to it in my youth that the concept of slow hand work and textiles is in my blood in a way.  I hope that I can do more studies on Albanian textiles and incorporate that into my work more as time goes on.”