Pajtim Osmanaj, Metamorphic memories I, 2020
Pajtim Osmanaj, Metamorphic memories II, 2020
Pajtim Osmanaj, Metamorphic memories III, 2020


Pajtim Osmanaj (b. 1990, Istog, Kosovo) attended the Art Academy of Kosovo.

Utilizing a unique technique, first discovered at a construction job in Chelsea, Manhattan, Pajtim Osmanaj has been building otherworldly landscapes with paint, textured paper, and glue, on a 2-dimensional field. His work spans abstraction and representation; between demure black and white still lifes, and the playful chaos of color fields that often read as mountain ranges. Osmanaj studies formal compositional relationships, as well as philosophical notions of yin and yang, across all bodies of work. 

Selected solo exhibitions: “Nostalgia “ presented by Chashama, New York, NY; “Static beauty “curated by Che Morales, New York, NY; “Eksurzion “ curated by Sarah Han at Spring break show, New York, NY; “En Route” Deep Space Gallery, Jersey l City, NJ; “Metamorphic Memories” curated by Gabrielle Sirkin, New York, NY.

Artist Pajtim Osmanaj


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