Photo by Bashkim Hasani

IdeasCity – New Museum

Presented by Albanian Institute New York

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New York City − Albanian Institute in collaboration with Arte Institute and New Museum is proud to present “I will Play your Soul” interactive art performance at the IDEAS CITY Festival 2015.

Visual artist Joana Ricou will take “selfies” of the audience by photographing the objects they carry in their pockets and purses. Pianist Renato Diz and guitarist Taulant Mehmeti will invent a melody inspired by the photographs and the “selfies” made by Ricou.

“I’m always interested in new ways of getting to know ourselves and each other that don’t involve looking at a face. In this project, I invite you to consider what the objects you are carrying with you, right at this moment, may say about who you are, where you’ve been, and where you are” says Joana Ricou a visual artist from Portugal based in Brooklyn. 

Taulant Mehmeti, a young talented Albanian guitarist from Kosovo is a natural improvisor. A student of New School for Contemporary Jazz Music, he recently debuted at the Blue Note in New York City, fulfilling a lifelong dream, a dream for any aspiring jazz musician. His life journey – from his small hometown of Prishtina to the biggest venues and festivals in NYC – is truly remarkable and inspiring.

Dozens of artists across disciplines, one hundred organizations, and tens of thousands of audiences will come together to explore questions of transparency, citizenship and representation, expression and suppression, participation and dissent, and will be an invitation to explore the question of visibility and related dynamics. 

The Festival will take place May 28 – 30 and center on the theme of The Invisible City.

Pianist Renato Diz

Renato Diz is a Portuguese pianist, composer and producer based in New York. 

A chance encounter with jazz at a concert by pianist and composer Carlos Azevedo, introduced him to the world of improvised music and he decided to pursue his studies in this art. In 2004 he became a private student of Carlos Azevedo and in 2006 he was accepted in the leading jazz program on the Iberian Peninsula at the time, for a Bachelor’s Degree in Musical Performance at ESMAE – IPP in Porto. His main teachers were Michael Lauren and Abe Rábade in jazz, and Sofia Lourenço and José Parra in classical piano. Also, during the same period he had private lessons with the acclaimed pianist Mário Laginha.

As a pianist he has already had the opportunity to perform in prestigious stages and festivals in Europe, North America and South America, and shared the stage and the studio with some of the most important artists

Renato Diz

“Cities, like dreams, are made of desires and fears, even if the thread of their discourse is secret, their rules are absurd, their perspectives deceitful, and everything conceals something else.”

IDEAS CITY, a biennial festival by New Museum that brought more than 50,000 visitors in previous years, will temporarily transform downtown Manhattan into a City of Ideas, redefining public space through participatory performances and exhibitions. Notable projects includes “ETH Zurich Future Garden and Pavilion” and “A Performative Conference in Nine Acts” outlining the future metropolis.

The New Museum is the only museum in New York City exclusively devoted to contemporary art. Founded in 1977, New Museum was conceived as a center about living artists from around the world and continues to be a hub of new art and new ideas.

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