To Arbëreshë in the Coming Times

New York — June 12, 2020

On June 12th, Albanian Institute hosted a virtual seminar convening the foremost contemporary scholars of Arbëreshë and Albanalogy, including Prof. Françesko Altimari, Prof. Matteo Mandalà, Prof. Nicola Scaldaferri, and CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski for a discussion on  Arbëreshë culture, music, history, migration, heritage, and to encourage a better understanding and appreciation of values and time-honored traditions of the Arbëreshë people.

Arbëreshë Oral Storytelling

Arbëreshë Oral Storytelling with George Richard Manus

George Richard Manus, 85 years old, and his brother Ronald Manus, 87 years old (family’s original last name was Minici) are the last living relatives in the family that have memories of the Arbëreshë language and stories, songs, and old passed-down refrains or sayings from their grandparents who were born in Vaccarizzo Albanese, also known as Vakarici, in Calabria, and immigrated to America.


The Arbereshe: An Italian “Anthropological Miracle” In the Name of Scanderbeg

Why this title for my conversation tonight? Firstly, I’ll say that the subtitle, an “anthropological miracle,” is not mine, but rather is how this community had been defined by great Italian intellectual of the 20th century, Pier Paolo Pasolini.


To Arbëreshë in the Coming Times

Francesco Altimari, Matteo Mandalà, Nicola Scaldaferri, Andrew Kaczynski, and Dino Korca — a seminar on the Arbëreshë.