On June 12th, Albanian Institute hosted a virtual seminar convening the foremost contemporary scholars of Arbëreshë and Albanalogy, including Prof. Françesko Altimari, Prof. Matteo Mandalà, Prof. Nicola Scaldaferri, and CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski for a discussion on  Arbëreshë culture, music, history, migration, heritage, and to encourage a better understanding and appreciation of values and time-honored traditions of the Arbëreshë people.

Mario Testino: “Last year I had the opportunity to shoot the Arbëreshë, people of Albanian descent in Sicily. They came centuries ago and became part of Italy but never forgot their traditions or their connection to their home country. Meeting them was an amazing experience and it reminded me, as a Peruvian, that moving away from your country doesn’t mean losing who you are.”