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We were founded at a moment of change and opportunity and the institute has continued steadfastly in its mission for over a decade. I’ve always been pleased that so many people have embraced the mission of the Albanian Institute. Our beliefs are simple — that arts and culture are a vital part of our society and the reminders of our shared humanity.

Over the years, we’ve developed the institute as a place that unites people, made culture, knowledge, and ideas available to a wide and diverse audience and we’ve brought people together by creating a sense of purpose and depth of connection beyond borders. We recognize that art, culture, and creativity are core to us reaching our full potential, as individuals, a community, and as a nation.

The work we do wouldn’t be possible without the support and continued participation from our community. So thank you, and welcome to our community. Whether you want to follow our artists, join in at one of our events, or tell a story yourself, we’re happy you’re with us.

Dino Korca

Dino Korca
Sir John Sorrell CBE, President of the London Design Biennale presenting Dino Korca with the Public Medal. Somerset House, London, UK. September 21, 2016. Photo by Bradley Lloyd Barnes.
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