Director's Welcome

We were founded at a moment of change and opportunity to champion, empower, and celebrate artists, and the institute has continued steadfastly in its mission for over a decade.

Whether in literature, cinema, music, and dance or other forms of creativity, our strength is in our belief that there is something more and there is something better. We translate this belief into working in collaboration with some of the most talented and passionate people, leveraging our resources and working in partnership with cultural visionaries and internationally leading institutions.

In doing so, we hope to create and develop the institute as a cultural platform, expressing a desire to sharpen the understanding of the importance of culture, education, and the arts. Advances in technology and modern media have now enabled us to build a stronger bond with our diverse communities, whether they are near or far.

I take seriously the responsibility to represent what it means to believe in the power and the possibility of creativity, diversity and inclusion in our cultural world. Together, we move and are moved. We build culture and community. I hope you join us.

Dino Korca

Director’s Welcome
Sir John Sorrell CBE, President of the London Design Biennale presenting Dino Korca with the Public Medal. Somerset House, London, UK. Photo by Bradley Lloyd Barnes.

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Albanian Institute is a contemporary art and cultural institution supporting, producing, and presenting the full spectrum of performing arts, visual arts, and contemporary culture.

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