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Andrew Kaczynski
Profile Andrew Kaczynski. Photo: Courtesy CNN International.


Andrew Kaczynski is the senior editor and founding member of CNN’s KFILE — the leading investigation team for the social, mobile generation. KFILE is widely praised as a “scoop team,” known for breaking news by scouring the internet through research, fact checking, and investigative reporting. Kaczynski and KFILE have exposed some of the most controversial statements, deceptions and hypocrisies from politicians — both in office and on the campaign trail including uncovering interviews of Donald Trump’s controversial comments on Howard Stern’s Show.

Kaczynski comes to CNN from BuzzFeed, where he started as a political reporter in 2011. He quickly built a reputation at a young age for unearthing newsworthy archival videos, many of which later went viral. Notable scoops include the revelation that Donald Trump expressed support for the Iraq War in 2002 and evidence Kentucky Senator Rand Paul plagiarized speeches.

Kaczynski has been named to Forbes Magazine’s “30 Under 30: Media” list for 2017. His use of social media has earned him many awards, including The Daily Beast’s 2013 “Beast Best” award for his Twitter Feed and New York Magazine’s 13th most influential Tweeter in New York City in 2014.

Andrew Kaczynski is an American of Arbëreshë ancestry.

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