Pajtim Statovci

“Statovci’s literary gifts are prodigious.” — The New York Times Book Review


Pajtim Statovci


Pajtim Statovci (b. 1990) is a Finnish-Kosovan novelist. He moved from Kosovo to Finland with his family when he was two years old. He lives in Helsinki and holds an MA in comparative literature from the University of Helsinki. Winner of the 2018 Helsinki Writer of the Year Award, he is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Helsinki.

His first novel, My Cat Yugoslavia, originally published in 2014, received widespread acclaim among critics and readers alike, and won Statovci the prestigious Helsingin Sanomat Literature Prize. The awarding jury praised the still only 24-year-old author’s ability to combine the dreamlike with the realistic, and give old symbols new meaning and power. My Cat Yugoslavia was published in English in 2017 by Pantheon Books (US) and Pushkin Press (UK). The novel was longlisted for the International Dublin Literary Award.

Statovci’s second novel, Crossing, published in 2016, was likewise thanked for its its exquisitely crafted prose and original treatment of the motifsStatovci received the Toisinkoinen Literature Prize in 2016. Published in English 2019 by Pantheon Books (US) and Pushkin Press (UK), Crossing was a National Book Award Finalist 2019.

pajtim-statovci-Photo-Pekka Holmström
Portrait: Pajtim Statovci. Photo: Pekka Holmström

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