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FREE: A Conversation with Lea Ypi, Andrew Moravcsik, Margaret Talbot

February 5, 2022 | 11am ET

Join us as we convene Lea Ypi, Andrew Moravcsik, and Margaret Talbot for a special presentation and book launch of “Free”, a new memoir by Ypi, and a spirited conversation around main themes of the book, freedom, democracy, and her experiences growing up in Albania.

Lea Ypi is a Professor in Political Theory in the Government Department, London School of Economics, and Adjunct Associate Professor in Philosophy at the Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University.

Andrew Moravcsik is Professor of Politics and International Affairs, Director of the Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination, and directs the European Union Program at Princeton University. He is the most-cited political scientist of his cohort, especially on European Union integration, and he is Europe editor at Foreign Affairs.

Margaret Talbot is a staff writer at The New Yorker since 2004. Her pieces covering legal issues, social policy, and cultural history have appeared, in addition to the Times Magazine and The New Republic, where she was formerly executive editor, in The Atlantic Monthly, and The New York Times Magazine, among other places.

The program will be followed by an interactive Q and A with the presenters and other participants, and you will have the opportunity to put your own questions in real-time.

The event is organized and chaired by director Dino Korca.


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"Some people feel free to imagine their lives unbounded by history. Lea Ypi did not have that luxury."

"Drawing philosophical lessons from her experience, she dismisses both socialists who cling to utopian ideals and libertarians who espouse a minimal state, opting for a more moderate commitment to social democracy."

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